Strengthening the Uniform Parentage Act

This legislation updates Washington’s Uniform Parentage Act to strengthen protections for LGBTQ parents and non-biological parents, while maintaining protections Legal Voice advocated for last year for rape survivors. The bill also creates a regulated system that allows compensated surrogacy while protecting the health, financial wellbeing, and autonomy of the women acting as surrogates.

Background: Washington’s version of the Uniform Parentage Act, the law that addresses how people are recognized as legal parents, needed to be updated to address the multiple ways that people form families today. The bill ensures that all parents—including LGBTQ parents and rape survivors—are assured equal recognition and legal protection.

Update: The Senate passed SB 6037 (27–21 vote) on February 7th, and the House passed it (50–47 vote) on February 27th. Governor Inslee signed the bill into law on March 6th! Click here to read more about what this important bill will do.


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