Supporting Policies with a racial justice focus

• Eliminating credit scores in determining insurance rates. Consumer credit scores are used to make decisions that have a huge impact on social and economic opportunities. The use of credit-based insurance scores has historically and disproportionately penalized communities of color and low-income communities through inequities embedded in our credit system. This bill bans some insurers from using credit scoring to determine the availability and rates for life, car, homeowner, and renter’s insurance.

• Health Equity Continuing Education for Health Care Professionals. Beginning in 2023, health care professionals will be required to receive training once every 4 years to help health care professional more effectively care for patients from diverse communities. Topics could include implicit bias, how to work with an interpreter, strategies for recognizing patterns of health care disparities and eliminating factors that influence them, and addressing the emotional well-being of children from diverse backgrounds.

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