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As you can likely imagine, Legal Voice has been called quite a few not-so-nice things over the years. (We’re great at making friends, but we might be even better at making enemies because of the ground-breaking feminist work we do!) Though their words were meant as insults, we’ve made a habit of flipping the script and wearing the labels with pride.


Point in case: Ruthless Valkyrie B*tches. In the early 90s, Legal Voice was opposing Operation Rescue, which was organizing protesters to physically block access to abortion clinics. During a closed-door meeting that we had infiltrated (because: ruthless!), one of the opposition's main lawyers gave us this name that we now wear with pride.


You, too, can wear it (literally!) by joining our squad of Ruthless Valkyrie B*tches!

To join the squad, make a monthly donation of at least $10.

You'll sustain our work year-round, and get to rock an awesome tee.

Let’s show opponents of equality the meaning of #squadgoals. Are you in?

Questions? Contact Phil Bouie, Development Officer.

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