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Legal Voice is committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our supporters. This policy applies to all names and contact information we collect, through whatever means, and describes the choices you have regarding our use and sharing of that information.



Legal Voice collects names and contact information in order to build our donor, volunteer, and activist lists. We may collect donor, volunteer, or activist information through our website, donation forms, surveys, petitions, or other methods.


We use this information to communicate with our community and further our mission. Such uses may include fundraising. We may recognize donors in Legal Voice publications, such as our annual reports.


We may, from time to time, exchange lists with allied or other like-minded organizations for the same number of names, addresses, phone numbers and other contact-related information, so long as access to the other organization's donors, volunteers, or activists furthers the mission of Legal Voice. This type of list exchange is an important way for progressive organizations to share information across issue areas, build coalitions, and bring their messages to potentially sympathetic audiences. However, Legal Voice does not allow any other individual, organization, or other entity to have access to the email addresses of our donors, volunteers, and activists.


Legal Voice does not sell names, addresses, or emails.



Donors, volunteers, and activists may opt out with respect to Legal Voice's standard information-sharing practices, described above, by sending an email to with Opt Out in the subject line. If you opt out of our standard information-sharing practices, we will not share or trade your information. In addition, you may opt to keep your donor information non-public by indicating so on your donation form or by sending an email to with Anonymous in the subject line. Thank you.


Policy last updated: June 2015

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