Thoughts at the Onset of Women's History Month

Today marks the beginning of Women’s History Month. And though we want to be joyous, we can’t help but reflect on the words shared from this article from The Root and Jezebel that states:

“We shouldn’t need a Women’s History Month.
We also shouldn’t need a Black History Month or a Hispanic Heritage Month. Considering the long-standing contributions of women and people of color in our society, it’s both lazy and insulting to shoehorn our national recognition into 31-days-or-less pockets. Instead, we like our history like we like our society—fully integrated.”

We agree. While we should celebrate and honor these months where specific groups are celebrated, we should simultaneously be working towards having these conversations, these celebrations, and a nuanced understanding of how these issues and movements are all intricately interconnected every single day. It is not enough to add a Facebook filter to our profile or to share an article every once in a while. What are we doing in our home lives, in our work places, in our volunteer opportunities, to center the lives of those most impacted?

Legal Voice is a progressive women’s rights and LGBTQ rights organization. We are also an organization that caused a lot of harm to various communities because our work centered on white women. For far too long, we unintentionally ignored the experiences of women who existed at the margins and were excluded. And though that was not our intention, the impact of this was incredibly harmful. We have much to make up for, and much to learn. We hope you will be open to learning with us.

Throughout this month, we will share the voices of those who are doing important and necessary work to highlight the intersections of gender justice with every other social justice movement. We will round out the month with a virtual celebration of Cocktails for A Cause, where we will be highlighting the amazing work of Black Trans Activists in the Northwest and how their fight for liberation is also liberation for all of us.

We thank you for being a continued supporter of Legal Voice and for witnessing our stumbles and our successes as we navigate the journey of growth we have been on for a few years now. We look forward to continuing the fight side-by-side for equity and liberation for all us.