Referendum 90 Approved by Washington Voters

Approve 90 Safe & Healthy Youth Endorsed by Legal Voice, with the Legal Voice Logo underneath

Along with everything else that was taking place across the state of Washington this year, you may have voted on Referendum 90 in which Washington Voters chose to either keep or reject a sex education law that had been passed in the Washington Legislature earlier in the year. Legal Voice made the decision to publicly support Approve 90 because:

· We believe that young people deserve the right to access information and resources about healthy relationships, so they understand how to respect personal boundaries and how to ask and respect consent.

· This comprehensive sex education law includes information that is vital to LGBTQ+ youth so they can see positive representations of themselves, and so they can also receive the information they need to ensure their safety.

· The law will promote racial equity, as schools that are predominantly Black or Brown are more likely to use abstinence only education, which leads to less information and resources for BIPOC communities, which in turn reinforces societal stigmas and stereotypes.

· Provides young people with the information and language they need to understand if they are experiencing sexual assault and provides them with the tools to communicate with a trusted adult.

Our state standards for sexual health education are among the best in the country. We believe all students in Washington deserve access to the information they need to stay safe and make healthy choices.

And Washington voters overwhelmingly agreed. This victory is all thanks to the people of Washington. Thank you all who shared your stories, talked with your friends, colleagues, and neighbors, and to all who gave their time to help R90 succeed. We look forward to a healthier Washington and a healthier future.

In Solidarity,