Legal Voice Welcomes Team of Sexual Violence Lawyers

A team of four lawyers doing critical work for sexual violence survivors has joined Legal Voice! Led by our former board member, Riddhi Mukhopadhyay, Legal Voice welcomes Sexual Violence Law and its staff attorneys: Yvonne Chin, Natasha Johnson, and Sara Mooney.

The team will occupy offices within Columbia Legal Services in Seattle and will be integrated into Legal Voice’s current staff. As the only legal program in the state that exclusively serves survivors of sexual assault, they will continue their amazing advocacy by:

  • Providing holistic legal services to survivors of sexual violence in protection order, immigration, housing, employment, Title IX, and criminal cases.

  • Serving as a technical assistance resource for programs and attorneys serving survivors throughout Washington.

  • Responding to survivors through the legal support phone line: 844-991-7892.

Legal Voice staff and community members, recognizing the lack of legal resources for crime victims and survivors of sexual violence in Washington, were among the founders of the original Sexual Violence Law Center in 2008. We’ve now come full circle and are proud to be sponsoring the program, under a new name, at Legal Voice.

To ensure continuity of these crucial services for survivors of sexual assault, Legal Voice has entered into an agreement with the Office of Civil Legal Aid, which will distribute to us a portion of the Victims of Crime Acts (VOCA) funds designated for civil legal aid.

We look forward to broadening our work and partnerships with these talented and dedicated lawyers fighting for those who are most marginalized in our community.