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Idaho Trans Athlete Lawsuit Update

(Our plaintiff Lindsay Hecox and supporters outside the courthouse hearing arguments about Idaho's anti-trans law.)

While the pandemic continues to change how we navigate the world, and our Black family, friends, and neighbors continue to march on the arc, bending it toward justice to have their full humanity honored, the world of litigation keeps turning. On Wednesday, July 22nd, we had three hearings on our challenge of HB 500 on behalf of Lindsay Hecox, Jane Doe, and all women athletes in Idaho. They fell on this year’s National Youth Sports Day of all days! Idaho recently became the first state to pass a statewide law banning trans women and girls from participating in sports. Laws like Idaho’s HB 500 do not protect girls’ and women’s access to sport. Instead, they create a greater inequality and fail to address the actual barriers to access, like a lack of resources, lack of training, and investment in women coaches. We know transgender athletes participate in sports for the same reasons as everyone else -- to get and stay healthy, be part of a team, be a part of a sport they love, and build camaraderie with their peers. Idaho courts opted to hold in-person proceedings, which put our allied lawyers in front of Judge Nye, with our own Catherine West and additional team members joining digitally. Our team spoke with poise and vigor in their arguments, for which Lindsay expressed thanks multiple times. Chelsea Gaona-Lincoln, our Idaho Litigation Support Coordinator, picked Lindsay up and drove her to the proceedings. Upon their arrival, community members wearing masks and ensuring distancing were holding signs of solidarity and cheered the team on into the courthouse. After three-and-a-half hours of hearings, they rejoined Idaho’s close-knit community for a socially distanced picnic. “Knowing and feeling the support of my community here, really brightened my day,” Lindsay said.

We welcome you to also show your support for Lindsay and our high school athlete plaintiff Jane Doe. You can send them a personal note of gratitude and encouragement by filling out this form.

We appreciate your time, energy, and support as we continue to fight for Lindsay and all girls and women in Idaho who might be banned from sports or forced to undergo invasive physical screenings to play for their school team.

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