Great news out of Idaho!

We're thrilled to report that yesterday, the U.S. District Court in Idaho agreed that our case challenging the state's law that bans nurse practitioners and other advanced practice clinicians from performing abortions has merit and can proceed.

A quick recap: Across the country and in Idaho in particular, a significant percentage of patients now rely on nurse practitioners and physician assistants (collectively known as "advanced practice clinicians" or "APCs"), to meet their primary and reproductive health care needs. These highly skilled, highly qualified clinicians prescribe medication and provide complex care like delivering babies. Yet, Idaho law singles out abortion as the one procedure that APCs are banned from providing.

Treating abortion care differently than other medical procedures and restricting access to care for no good reason is unconstitutional - plain and simple. So, on behalf of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands, we sued the State of Idaho.

The state responded by asking the Court to throw out the case. And so in June we went to the courthouse in Boise to make perfectly clear: pregnant people have a constitutional right to abortion and the state may not pass laws that serve no purpose but to restrict access to abortion care.

The Court agreed and the judge in his decision, did not mince words:

"...Defendants fail to provide any legitimate reason for restricting the provision of abortion care to physicians only, or for allowing APCs to provide other low-risk medical care but not abortion."

This gives us great hope at a time when states around the country are racing ahead on to ban abortion.

Legal Voice believes all people have the right to timely access to abortion care and will continue to work tirelessly to protect that right. Thank you for supporting our work to eliminate unjust and unnecessary abortion restrictions in the Northwest and beyond.

Our legal team outside the District Courthouse in Boise, Idaho. From left: Kim Clark, Legal Voice; Hannah Brass Greer, Planned Parenthood; Chelsea Gaona-Lincoln, Legal Voice; Vanessa Soriano Power, Stoel Rives; and Nicole Hancock, Stoel Rives.


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