Make This One Call for Sexual Assault Survivors in Washington

Have you been following the progress being made for sexual assault survivors in Olympia? The Washington Legislature has passed bills that extend the statute of limitations for prosecuting sex crimes, redefine third-degree rape to be more aligned with affirmative consent standards, and take important steps to eliminating the rape kit backlog.

But another bill that will improve the law for survivors is still awaiting its final vote—and it must get this vote by 5:00 tomorrow evening. Do you have two minutes to urge your senator's support of HB 1149?

  • WHO TO CALL: Your state senator. (Don't know who they are or how to reach them? Use this District Finder.)

  • WHAT TO SAY*: Hi, my name is _________. As your constituent, I urge you to stand with sexual assault survivors by passing House Bill 1149. This bill will help survivors get the protection they need. Please urge Senate leadership to bring House Bill 1149 to a vote, and please pass it when it comes up. Thank you for standing with me on this issue.

*This is a sample message. If you have more to add or a personal story to share, please do so!

HB 1149 strengthens sexual assault protection orders (SAPOs) in Washington State by clarifying that a survivor only needs to allege and prove that she was sexually assaulted in order to receive a SAPO. As you may recall, this bill is in direct response to an unjust and problematic decision in which the Washington Supreme Court ruled that a survivor seeking a SAPO must also allege she has additional reasons beyond the sexual assault to fear her attacker in the future.

We have been fighting hard alongside survivors and their advocates to correct this ruling legislatively. And we are just one final vote away from making that happen. Please speak out in support of this important legislation today!

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