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ACTION: Oppose Trump Administration's Proposed Policy to Separate Immigrant Families

The Trump Administration is proposing radical policy changes that will make it exponentially more difficult for immigrants to enter the U.S. and become lawful permanent residents if they use public benefits. This dangerous and discriminatory rule will force immigrant families to choose between meeting basic needs and keeping their families together in this country. This move is part of the Administration's devious plan to further reduce the number of immigrants in the United States—now they are targeting documented immigrant families on top of the ongoing attack against undocumented immigrants, who are already ineligible for nearly all public benefits.

Together, we can fight back. Together, we must fight back.

Here’s how to take action in just two minutes:

  • Go to to quickly and easily send a comment that highlights the rule’s negative impact on immigrant women and families.

  • Please be sure to make at least one edit to the comment! Identical comments will be filtered out. See the text in the white box for ideas on how to make your comment unique. (Or if you’re on mobile, tap “Show more information”).

  • Once you have edited your comment and entered your information, click the red “Submit Comment” button.

As you’ll read in the sample comment, which was crafted by Legal Voice, this proposed rule will have a particularly devastating impact on immigrant women and their families’ health and well-being. Think reduced access to pregnancy-related health care for pregnant people, less food and nutritional support for families with young children, and more families living without housing—all stemming from a fear of deportation.

And these examples aren't hypotheticals: there have been numerous reports that immigrant communities are already dropping out of public health programs, even before any policy has officially changed. The Administration is required by law to allow the public to comment on the rule for 60 days. That gives us until December 10th to make some noise about the destructive and devastating impact of this rule. Will you raise your voice with us?

PIF-WA is aiming to submit 4,000 comments from Washington residents in opposition to this discriminatory and dangerous rule. Together, we can help reach that goal.

Updated October 31, 2018.

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