Reproductive Parity Act Becomes Law in Washington!

Big news! The Reproductive Parity Act (SB 6219) has officially been signed into law!

Today, legislative champions and community advocates gathered in Olympia as Gov. Jay Inslee signed this powerful bill into law.

The Reproductive Parity Act (RPA) requires health insurance plans to cover all FDA-approved contraceptive methods free of cost-sharing requirements and over-the-counter contraceptives without a prescription. The bill goes even further, requiring health plans that cover maternity care services to also cover abortion services.

"In stark contrast to federal attacks aimed to undermine reproductive health care access, Washington took a bold stand to cement cost-free birth control coverage and bolster pregnant people’s access to affordable care," said Priya Walia, Legal Voice Staff Attorney. "The Reproductive Parity Act means real, meaningful reproductive health care access for so many people living in Washington, especially people of color, young people, or people who are low-income, who already face barriers to self-determination in so many contexts. This is the ideal groundwork for expanding access even further to ensure the needs of all of our communities—including immigrants and transgender people—are met."

We look forward to continuing our work with legislative champions and our allies in the Health Equity & Reproductive Rights Organizations (HERRO) Coalition to make reproductive health equity a reality in Washington State.


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