ACTION: Three Calls to Ensure Pay Equity for All

Newsflash: Washington's equal pay laws have not been updated since 1943.

Let's let that sink in. Have you joined us in outrage? Good. Now let's do something about it!

Both the House and the Senate have the opportunity, right now, to update our equal pay law. But they are being pressured by employers and business lobbyists to weaken this bill by adding language that prevents local jurisdictions—our cities and counties—from creating stronger laws now and in the future. It is critical that our equal pay bill passes WITHOUT these preemptions.

Here's how you can help:

  1. WHO TO CALL: Your senator and representatives. (Don't know who they are or how to reach them? Use this District Finder tool.)

  2. WHAT TO SAY: As your constituent, I urge you to pass Equal Pay legislation this year without preemption. We all know that the wage gap is too big for any one bill to fix and we have lots of work ahead to reach full pay equity. But this year's Equal Pay Legislation is the right start! Weigh in now in support of equal pay legislation without preemption. Protect women today, protect women tomorrow. Thank you.

Why is it so critical that we raise our voices? Because, while this important bill is a good start, it's a modest law that provides basic protections for equal pay. It is impossible for one law alone to overturn the many aspects of such historically ingrained inequity. We will need multiple solutions to address unequal pay faced by the most marginalized and vulnerable among us: women of color, transgender and gender non-conforming workers, low-wage workers, workers with disabilities, immigrant workers, and working parents.

It is imperative that our legislators see the long road ahead, and preserve our communities' rights to create multiple solutions to end pay discrimination. Thank you for taking this important action today to end the injustice of equal pay!

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