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Have you heard about Maresa? After splitting with her abusive partner, Maresa sought a parenting plan to help provide certainty and safety for their two children. The law is designed to protect people in Maresa's exact situation.

But instead of following the law, the judge refused to include the father's history of domestic violence in the court documents, fearing that it would "dog" the father and "follow him around like some ghost." In omitting the father's history of abuse, the court not only ignored the law: it prioritized a man's reputation over a woman's safety.

And that's not all. The judge also blamed Maresa for being a victim of domestic violence. "I'm just not sure how you let these things happen, frankly," he told her. "You're too strong for this."

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This blatant disregard for the realities of domestic violence is appalling. But this injustice wasn't a one-time occurrence - far too often, it plagues Washington courts. Just ask Brandy, who was granted a short-term protection order and told to "work it out" with her abuser in divorce court. Or Esmeralda, who sought safety for herself and her children, but was denied protection for her youngest because he was asleep at the time of her assault.

Survivors should be able to trust in the law. But time and time again, they find that having the law on their side doesn't mean much when the court refuses to follow it.

When Maresa came to us, she wanted protection for herself and her children. But she also wanted to ensure the treatment she received from the court doesn't happen to anyone else. This is why we do what we do.

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