The Road Ahead: Gender Equality After Hobby Lobby

Last summer, in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, the U.S. Supreme Court granted companies the right to disregard federal laws to which the companies' owners have religious objections. The ruling—which specifically allowed companies to opt out of the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate—was outrageous and damaging to women and LGBTQ people.

Immediately after the decision came down, Legal Voice and our partners in The Alliance: State Advocates for Women's Rights & Gender Equality came together to deconstruct the decision and solidify a plan of action. We honed state strategies to defend and advance the rights of women and LGBTQ people in a new legal landscape and, in the year since, we have collaborated to use those strategies in our states and local communities.

In our new report, The Road Ahead: Gender Equality After Hobby Lobby, we outline our strategies—ranging from policy advocacy and legal representation to community outreach and communications—and summarize the significance of the Hobby Lobby ruling for gender equality.

We firmly believe that a woman's access to equality should not depend on where she lives. The Road Ahead serves as a resource for our colleagues working to ensure social justice in the states so that our work can continue to move across state lines.

Thank you for supporting us as we continue this important work to advance gender equality in all forms.

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