Ending Gender-Based Violence
Ensuring Access to Health Care
Advancing Economic Justice
Supporting All Families
Eradicating Discrimination
Protecting Reproductive Freedom
2020 Legislative Priorities


Other Important Bills

Extending the Statute of Limitations on Pregnancy Discrimination

✔  Passed the Legislature!


This bill will extend the time allowed to file a complaint with the human rights commission for a claim related to pregnancy discrimination.

Bill info: SB 6034

Update 3/2/20: Currently, in rules.


Update 2/18/20: In House Committee on Civil Rights & Judiciary. Passed out of Committee on 2/28/20.


Past: Hearing in Senate Committee on Labor & Commerce on 1/16/20; Legal Voice sign in pro; Passed out of Senate Committee on 1/20/20; Passed Senate on 2/13/20 (38-9!)

Eliminating Child Marriage

This bill voids marriages that are entered into if either partner has not reached the age of eighteen. Removes parental consent to marriage for people who are seventeen years of age.

Bill info: HB 1883

Update 2/18/20: This bill is no longer viable.

Protecting Patient Care Act

Passed the Legislature!


This bill would prevent health entities from interfering with a qualified healthcare practitioner’s ability to provide their patients with medically accurate and comprehensive information, resources, and, in cases of pregnancy complications where there is a serious risk to the patient’s life or health, services.

Bill Info: HB 1608

Update 3/2/20: Currently, in rules.


Update 2/18/20: Hearing in Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care on 2/21/20. Passed out of Committee on 2/24/20.

Past: HB 1608 is info/resource portion of PPCA. It was reintroduced in House and retained in Rules on 1/13; House passed on 2/17 (65-33!)


For a one page sheet giving background on the bill and the issue, click here.

Medicaid Extention for Postpartum Care

Passed the Legislature!


Legal Voice supports legislation to extends postpartum Medicaid coverage to TWELVE months postpartum. This bill directs the HCA to submit a waiver request to the federal centers for medicare and Medicaid services to allow for the state to receive federal match for the coverage (and to report back to the legislature on the outcome of the request for a waiver) but requires coverage regardless of whether the request for a waiver is approved. 

Bill info: SB 6128

Update 2/18/20: Currently, in rules.


  • Hearing on SB 6128 in Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care on 1/20/20; Legal Voice sign in pro

  • Passed out of Senate Committee; Referred to Ways & Means.

  • Hearing on 2/4/20; Legal Voice sign in pro; Passed out of Ways & Means on 2/11/20.

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