Options for Grandparents and Other Nonparental Caregivers: A Legal Guide for Washington State is a practical handbook for grandparents and other non-parent caregivers who want to understand their rights to establish and maintain legal relationships with the children in their care.

Written in plain language, this book gives basic information on key areas of family law, juvenile justice issues, and public benefits, including:

  • Dependency process

  • Guardianship

  • Nonparental/Third-Party Custody

  • Adoption

  • Indian Child Welfare Act

  • Temporary Parental Consent Agreements

  • Child in Need and At-Risk Youth Procedures

It also provides links and contact information for legal services, public agencies, and helpful resources.


Options for Grandparents and Other Nonparental Caregivers (2017) is available:


Our next step is to update the 2017 version to reflect current law and public benefits - such as changes to Guardianship and the addition of Washington's Paid Family & Medical Leave Program - as well as update resource lists. Our goal is to complete the update by the end of 2021.