You've likely heard a lot about cake today. That's because the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case this morning involving a same-sex couple and a Christian baker who refused to sell them a wedding cake.

In short, the baker asserts that his refusal to make the couple's cake is protected by his rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Or, even shorter: that his religious freedom translates into the right to discriminate.

Because, truly, this is what discrimination looks like. The baker's iss...


You likely heard that the Trump Administration recently launched an attack on birth control under the guise of religious liberty. But you may have missed another, less publicized threat to reproductive health care.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a draft of its Strategic Plan for the next five years. Through this Plan, the Department aims to reframe its mission by defining life as "beginning at conception" and explicitly prioritizing the religious and moral beliefs of s...


Last week, the Trump Administration made it easier for your employer to make reproductive decisions for you. The Administration expanded the exemption to the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate so that an even broader range of employers can stop offering contraceptive coverage in their health insurance plans if they have religious - or the more general "moral" - objections to birth control.

This latest attack on our health care rights is devastating and totally unscientific. It also viola...


The Legal Voice staff have been so lucky to have Maddy Rasmussen with us during her junior and senior years as she worked diligently to create The Safe Place Project, a website mapping abortion clinics across the United States.

"I’ve always had an interest in women’s rights, but it wasn’t until I started this internship that I realized how difficult it can be for women to receive abortion care,” said Maddy. “I wanted to ease that burden by creating a simple, easy-to-use website where women could...


Happy Pride Month! We have so much to celebrate: pride in our identities, pride in our community, and pride in all that we've accomplished together.

Here is a sampling of the great events happening in the Northwest:

Volunteer Park Pride Festival

Saturday, June 10, 12-7pm

Seattle, WA

Seattle Pride March
Sunday, June 11, 11am - 4pm

Seattle, WA

OutSpokane Festival

Saturday, June 10, from noon-10pm

Spokane, WA

Big Sky Pride Fest

Saturday, June 17, 1-6pm

Billings, MT

Boise Pridefest

Saturday, June 17, noon-4pm



Yesterday we told you of our plans to challenge President Trump's Executive Order if it sanctioned discrimination against women, LGBTQ people, and religious minorities. And we weren't the only ones with plans to do so. We were part of a broad and powerful opposition that was ready to fight - and that was too much of a threat.

This morning, Trump signed a "religious freedom" order that takes a significant step back from the version that leaked in February. However, though the revised order doesn't...


This is big.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign a sweeping Executive Order tomorrow that would allow people and organizations claiming religious objections to discriminate against women, LGBTQ people, and religious minorities. And if it looks like what we expect, we're going to fight it.

That's right. We're gearing up to sue the Trump Administration.

Legal Voice has long been a leader in demanding equality in health care, employment, and public accommodations, and in fighting the use of rel...


You can see it happening: abortion being increasingly stigmatized, made unaffordable, and pushed out of reach. Many women are left without adequate options. And what's worse, they're being wrongfully prosecuted for using one of the few options they have left: self-administering a medication abortion.

At least 17 people have been arrested or prosecuted for allegedly inducing their own abortions, and there are countless others who have faced prison time for their birth outcomes, even when the pregn...


This morning, the United States Supreme Court overturned Texas' HB2, a sweeping anti-abortion bill passed by the Texas Legislature in 2013. This means Texas abortion clinics will remain open and can continue to provide safe and legal abortion care!

This case, Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, was part of a disturbing trend in state legislatures across the country: passing restrictive abortion laws masquerading as measures to protect women's health. But the justices in the majority saw through...


When certain U.S. Senators first started murmuring about refusing to vote for any nominee that President Obama nominated to fill the late Justice Scalia's Supreme Court seat, the public responded with a rallying cry: do your job.


We agree wholeheartedly. But this "do your job" sentiment isn't new to us. Back in 2007, Washington's pharmacy rules that ensure patients have timely access to medication went into effect. Shortly thereafter, Stormans Inc. and two pharmacists sued the state, claiming th...

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