This morning, the Washington Supreme Court stood up for a second chance for Christal Fields, who was wrongfully denied the opportunity to work in her chosen field because of a 30-year-old conviction.

Christal was successfully working in childcare when the Department of Early Learning conducted a background check, found a decades-old conviction for attempted robbery, and swiftly disqualified her from her work. She went from thriving in a profession she loved to being banned from it for life — all...


No one should be harassed for being who they are. No one.

But it happens, in public spaces, every day. People are targeted and harassed for wearing a hijab, for the color of their skin, and because they are transgender or gender non-conforming. They are sexually harassed at work, at restaurants, and even when they seek medical care.

That’s exactly what happened to Rev. Christopher Floeting, who sought health care services on a near-weekly basis from a Group Health clinic. During his visits, he was...


As affordable housing continues to be pushed out of reach in Seattle, we're fighting tenant policies that harm single mothers and their children.


You've likely heard a lot about cake today. That's because the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case this morning involving a same-sex couple and a Christian baker who refused to sell them a wedding cake.

In short, the baker asserts that his refusal to make the couple's cake is protected by his rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Or, even shorter: that his religious freedom translates into the right to discriminate.

Because, truly, this is what discrimination looks like. The baker's iss...


Great news! The Washington Department of Health has proposed a new rule to make it easier for a person to change the gender listed on their birth certificate. It also creates a gender marker in addition to male or female. If the rule is approved, you could change your gender marker to X, which represents a gender that is not exclusively male or female (such as intersex, agender, genderfluid, genderqueer, Two Spirit, non-binary, and more).

Currently, state law requires either a court order or a do...


The Trump Administration’s most recent travel ban is a poorly disguised attempt at discriminating against Muslims and an assault on many of the civil rights Legal Voice and our allies fight for. Thousands of immigrants and refugees—who are just as much a part of the fabric of our society as people born in the United States—are now subject to a permanent policy built on xenophobia and unfounded fear; no citizens from the banned countries have been involved in a fatal terrorist attack in the past...


As transgender people's dignity and safety continue to be threatened across the country—including in Washington State—we must be vigilant to uphold the legal protections we have fought so hard to win. That's why I'm thrilled to give you a final update about our advocacy for Jasmine.
You may recall Jasmine, who alleged that she was turned away from donating at CSL Plasma in Kent, Washington, in 2014 because she is transgender. Jasmine also alleged that she was told the company had placed a "lif...


Did you know that a person with a felony is prevented from obtaining a number occupational licenses, no matter how much they have changed their lives?

All across the nation, state and local lawmakers are fighting to make reentry possible for people with criminal records. Legal Voice is proud to join that fight! Last month, we filed an amicus brief on behalf of Christal Fields, a childcare worker and mother.

Christal is fighting an uphill battle as a 30-year-old conviction for robbery still preven...


It should go without saying that sexual harassment is a form of discrimination. Yet Christopher, who had to receive health care services on a near-weekly basis from Group Health, was subjected to sexually explicit comments, sexual advances, and unwanted touching from a patient access representative, T.T., every time he visited the clinic. T.T. made comments such as “You have a nice ass, and I want to squeeze it”; told him how “hot” he made her; invited him to lunch so she could demonstrate a “re...


We are still celebrating this month's defeat of Initiative 1515, which would have rolled back protections for transgender Washingtonians that allow them to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity. But we know that transgender people don't just face discrimination and humiliation in restrooms—they often face these same barriers when accessing health care.

Over the last two years, we have made a lot of progress in fighting refusals to provide health care to transgender people. We are e...

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