Seattle hotel workers have finally achieved victory in their fight to gain new rights despite hotel corporations repeated efforts to block workers.

Legal Voice senior attorney Andrew Kashyap provided technical assistance to UNITE HERE! Local 8 throughout this effort, including providing strategy on rulemaking after I-124 originally passed, drafting an amicus brief to the Washington State Supreme Court to support hotel workers arguments, and finally by offering legal support to workers in their le...


We all deserve workplaces that are safe, equitable, and free from discrimination. Legal Voice and our allies have long worked to make that a reality. But one group of workers has often been left behind in these efforts: domestic workers.

That's because people who work in private homes as nannies, home care workers, house cleaners, gardeners, and other jobs have historically been—and continue to be—excluded from basic worker protections such as overtime, workers compensation, and coverage by dis...


Amy didn't give up.

After suffering severe physical and psychological abuse from her child's father, Amy did the things we encourage domestic violence victims to do: she fled her abuser, got a protection order, obtained full custody of her child, and moved away to seek safety.

But she had difficulty finding safe housing, her son began experiencing serious health problems as a result of the abuse, and her post-traumatic stress disorder became almost unmanageable. She didn't give up.

She reached out...


Have you been following the progress being made for sexual assault survivors in Olympia? The Washington Legislature has passed bills that extend the statute of limitations for prosecuting sex crimes, redefine third-degree rape to be more aligned with affirmative consent standards, and take important steps to eliminating the rape kit backlog.

But another bill that will improve the law for survivors is still awaiting its final vote—and it must get this vote by 5:00 tomorrow evening. Do you have two...


This morning, the Washington Supreme Court stood up for a second chance for Christal Fields, who was wrongfully denied the opportunity to work in her chosen field because of a 30-year-old conviction.

Christal was successfully working in childcare when the Department of Early Learning conducted a background check, found a decades-old conviction for attempted robbery, and swiftly disqualified her from her work. She went from thriving in a profession she loved to being banned from it for life — all...


No one should be harassed for being who they are. No one.

But it happens, in public spaces, every day. People are targeted and harassed for wearing a hijab, for the color of their skin, and because they are transgender or gender non-conforming. They are sexually harassed at work, at restaurants, and even when they seek medical care.

That’s exactly what happened to Rev. Christopher Floeting, who sought health care services on a near-weekly basis from a Group Health clinic. During his visits, he was...


Across Washington State, women are unjustly being denied the right to work and thrive in their chosen fields by the Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS).

DSHS bars people with findings of child neglect from working as adult caregivers for 35 years. This may sound reasonable, until you learn about the women fighting this practice. 

Take Ana, a mother who has a Child Protective Services (CPS) finding of neglect for being charged with driving under the influence with her child in the car. He...


As affordable housing continues to be pushed out of reach in Seattle, we're fighting tenant policies that harm single mothers and their children.


The #MeToo movement has created a powerful and needed platform for sexual assault survivors to find their voices and use them to demand change. Through this critical movement, an undeniable spotlight has been cast on workplace sexual violence and the power dynamics that perpetuate it.

But this movement hasn’t fully recognized the years-long effort to elevate the voices of low-wage workers—including farmworkers, domestic workers, restaurant workers, office cleaners and hotel workers—who have long...


We're sure you know the (disappointing) facts: the gender wage gap persists, there are countless factors that contribute to it, and the disparity is greater for women of color and mothers. But one fact that is often left out of this conversation is the impact of incarceration on the wage gap.

Women, especially women of color, are being incarcerated in record numbers. While there are many barriers a woman faces while she is in prison—having inadequate access to reproductive health care, being den...

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