This is shocking: 95% of Idaho counties do not have an abortion provider.

A major reason is that a decades-old Idaho law requires abortions to be performed exclusively by physicians. So while many Idahoans rely on advanced practice clinicians (APCs) – such as nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and physician assistants – to meet their reproductive health care needs, they are banned from providing abortion care.

So we’re demanding change.

Today, we partnered with Planned Parenthood of the...


Today, the Department of Education’s discriminatory Title IX rules were officially posted for public comment. Please take a few minutes to submit a comment opposing these discriminatory rules.

Here's how:

  1. Visit the proposed rule's page on the Federal Register site and click the green SUBMIT A FORMAL COMMENT button.

  2. Enter your comment in the space provided. Use the sample comment below, or craft your own. (See these tips for submitting effective comments.)

  3. Choose a categor...


The bullet missed Rodica by inches.

Rodica had just refused to give her then-husband money for gambling, and he followed her into the adult family home that she owns and operates.

This wasn’t the first time he had demanded money from her. He had a gambling addiction, and as it grew, he increasingly sought ways to exert control over Rodica through threats. He often said that he would report her and her business for false violations unless she gave him what he wanted. She didn’t always give into his...


This morning, the Department of Education’s Betsy DeVos proposed discriminatory new rules that completely undermine existing Title IX protections for sexual assault survivors. While the Department has been touting its concern for due process, the new rule shows that DeVos is more concerned with saving schools’ money and making it easier to get away with sexual violence.

Make no mistake, the proposed rules make schools less safe for survivors. They propose a narrower definition of sexual harassmen...


The Trump Administration is proposing radical policy changes that will make it exponentially more difficult for immigrants to enter the U.S. and become lawful permanent residents if they use public benefits.
This dangerous and discriminatory rule will force immigrant families to choose between meeting basic needs and keeping their families together in this country. This move is part of the Administration's devious plan to further reduce the number of immigrants in the United States—now they ar...


There has been a recent development in our case against the State of Idaho. We're challenging an Idaho law stating that a person's advance directive—also known as a living will—is void for the duration of their pregnancy and that the state can make decisions about the care that person receives. We are fighting to reclaim Idahoans' rights to make their own decisions about their health care and their bodies, regardless of their gender or ability to become pregnant.

But that fight just got...


Across Washington State, women are unjustly being denied the right to work and thrive in their chosen fields by the Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS).

DSHS bars people with findings of child neglect from working as adult caregivers for 35 years. This may sound reasonable, until you learn about the women fighting this practice. 

Take Ana, a mother who has a Child Protective Services (CPS) finding of neglect for being charged with driving under the influence with her child in the car. He...


Calling all recent and soon-to-be law school grads! Legal Voice is seeking fellowship proposals for 2019-2021, and the deadline is approaching.

Specifically, we invite proposals that aim to advance the rights of women and LGBTQ workers in low-wage industries such as domestic work, hotel work, restaurant work, and other industries where women and LGBTQ people are disproportionately employed. We have an explicit focus on advancing the rights and economic security of women of color, given signific...


Big news! Hotel workers in Seattle will soon have stronger protections against sexual assault and harassment by guests, a defense against overwork that regularly results in their injury, and increased access to affordable health care!
As you may recall, in 2016, Seattle voters passed the Hotel Employees Health and Safety Initiative (I-124), which sought to improve protections and working conditions for the city's hardworking hotel workers. Since then, Seattle's Office of Labor Standards (OLS)...


Newsflash: people do not lose their civil rights when they become pregnant.

Yet this is exactly what's at stake when states pass discriminatory laws that harm pregnant people's health, dignity, and autonomy. One such state is right here in our region: Idaho.

Today, Legal Voice joined with Compassion & Choices to challenge an Idaho law that denies pregnant people the right to make their own health care decisions

First, the good: Idaho law does recognize that all adults have the right to make decis...

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