The Washington State Legislature unanimously passed the Healthy Starts Act!

This groundbreaking law will protect pregnant workers' economic security and move Washington closer to ending maternal health disparities. After more than two years of advocacy, we are beyond thrilled that this issue received the bipartisan support it deserved.

While it has long been unlawful to discriminate against workers because of pregnancy, unfortunately workers still lose their jobs because their employers refuse to...


Did you know that a person with a felony is prevented from obtaining a number occupational licenses, no matter how much they have changed their lives?

All across the nation, state and local lawmakers are fighting to make reentry possible for people with criminal records. Legal Voice is proud to join that fight! Last month, we filed an amicus brief on behalf of Christal Fields, a childcare worker and mother.

Christal is fighting an uphill battle as a 30-year-old conviction for robbery still preven...


It should go without saying that sexual harassment is a form of discrimination. Yet Christopher, who had to receive health care services on a near-weekly basis from Group Health, was subjected to sexually explicit comments, sexual advances, and unwanted touching from a patient access representative, T.T., every time he visited the clinic. T.T. made comments such as “You have a nice ass, and I want to squeeze it”; told him how “hot” he made her; invited him to lunch so she could demonstrate a “re...


This week, Legal Voice joined more than 90 organizations and 270 leaders in the movement for reproductive health, rights, and justice in D.C., where we developed a collective statement promoting reproductive justice for all.

We won’t allow roll-backs on hard-won rights. We will hold firm to ensuring that all people are treated with dignity, compassion, and respect and can achieve full reproductive freedom. Together, we will work for a world where equitable access to sexual and reproductive health...


A federal district court judge handed down an order that keeps personally identifying information of Legal Voice clients—abortion care providers and researchers


Today, Legal Voice stood with Cynthia Aiken and her daughters in a case that raises critical issues about protections for domestic violence survivors throughout Washington.

In this case, Cynthia's 14-year-old daughter had reported abuse by her father and attempted to harm herself. Cynthia sought a domestic violence protection order to temporarily restrict the father's contact with the daughter and, in response, the father demanded that the daughter be forced to appear in court so that he could cr...


Noah is a young transgender man living in Seattle. He has long known that he is male, even though he was assigned a different sex at birth. At the recommendation of his health care providers, Noah had chest reconstruction surgery to affirm his gender at age 17.

Noah's mother, Maggie, has health insurance for their family from Group Health. She sought authorization for insurance coverage of the surgery, but her request was denied on the grounds that Noah had not yet turned 18.

Maggie and her husban...


When Anna Juarez filed for a domestic violence protection order (DVPO) against her abusive husband, she specifically requested that the order be permanent. She believed that her husband would resume abusing her and her children after the order expired. Yet the court granted an order protecting her for only 65 days, substantially shorter than the standard minimum term of one year.
Why? The court said that Anna and her husband could "start a divorce" and that the family court could "renew and ex...


For two years, Legal Voice has advocated for Rachelle Black, a mother of three who filed for divorce from her husband after realizing that she is a lesbian. The court in her divorce case not only gave primary custody of the children to the father—despite the fact that Rachelle had been a stay-at-home parent for her children's entire lives—but it also restricted her from discussing religion, homosexuality, or "other alternative lifestyle concepts" with her children. She couldn't even bring her pa...


Washington State’s Parenting Act helps protect domestic violence survivors and ensure a safe and healthy upbringing for their children by requiring certain restrictions on the abusive parent. When courts fail to impose those restrictions, they put survivors and their children at risk. Yet, that is exactly what happened to Maresa, a mother of two whom we represent in an appeal of her custody case.

After splitting with her abusive partner, Maresa (who could not afford a lawyer) asked a Pierce Coun...

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