During each Washington Legislative Session, Legal Voice advocates for policies that improve the lives of women and LGBTQ people, and defends against bills that will roll back the progress we've made. There are many bills that we monitor each year, but the ones listed below are our designated priorities for the 2019 session—meaning Legal Voice plays a leading and active role.


Visit our Legislative Updates page to stay updated on how these bills progress over the session. If you would like to receive these updates by email throughout the session, please sign up here.

Ensuring Reproductive Health Care Access for All

The Reproductive Health Access for All (RHAA) Act aims to fill gaps in existing law to ensure reproductive health access for all people in Washington. The bill specifically addresses the needs of Washington's immigrant and transgender communities.

Reducing Workplace Sexual Harassment

This bill seeks to address workplace sexual harassment through mandatory training and policies. This will have a particularly positive impact on workers in low-wage industries, such as hotel workers, restaurant workers, domestic workers, and farmworkers.

Preserving & Expanding the Rights of Campus Sexual Assault Survivors

This bill creates a joint legislative task force on Title IX protections and compliance. The task force will examine options, develop model policies, and recommend oversight on campus sexual violence at higher education institutions in Washington State.

Strengthening Protections for Sexual Assault Survivors

This bill clarifies that, to obtain a sexual assault protection order (SAPO), a survivor is only required to prove that she was sexually assaulted; she is not required on top of that to allege and prove that the perpetrator said or did something else that causes her to have a “reasonable fear” of future dangerous acts.

Improving the Statute of Limitations for Sex Offenses

We support legislative efforts to eliminate or to extend the statute of limitations—or the window of time when a crime can be prosecuted—for sex crimes in Washington State.

Other Important Bills

Legal Voice is also monitoring other bills this session to ensure progressive policies that improve the lives of women and LGBTQ people in Washington. These include bills to restrict employers' use of salary history in pay decisions, ensure parents can reunite with their children after incarceration or rehabilitation, support the economic stability of low-income parents, and more. 

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