During the Legislative Session, Legal Voice advocates for legislation that positively affects women and LGBTQ+ people, and defends against bills that threaten to roll back the progress we've made. These updates cover Legal Voice's legislative priorities.


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2022 Legislative Updates


Both the Idaho and Washington Legislative Sessions have come to a close for the year. 

Idaho Priorities

Race Equity

  • HB439: Unaffiliated Voting Bill

    • Died in the House

  • HB436: Tax Bill

  • Bill to address race-based restrictive covenants. 

  • HB527: Citizenship Requirement for Driver's License

  • HB658: Death Penalty/Concealing Information from the Public

    • Hearing in the House Judiciary, Rues, and Administration Committee on February 17. Legal Voice submitted written testimony.​

Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice

  • Senate Resolution 29128: To Acknowledge January 22nd as Idaho Day of Tears

    • Passed our of committee on January 17​

    • Passed Senate Floor Debate on January 21

    • Passed House on January 26.

  • SB1309: Texas Copycat Bill / 6 week Abortion Ban Bill​

    • Hearing in Senate State Affairs committee on February 16th at 12 PM MST. Legal Voice testified. ​

    • Voted out of committee on February 16th.

    • Senate expected to vote on February 21st. 

    • Trailer bill introduced re: attorney fees. 

  • Abortion & Human Rights Act

  • Six Months of Contraception Bill

    • Passed out of Senate Committee on February 10th

  • HB521: Deleting Language in Idaho Code relating to abortion​

    • Introduced on February 2nd​

    • Hearing on February 7th


  • RS 29156: Conversion Therapy Ban for Minors

    • Hearing likely week of February 21st. 


  • HB422: Renters Bill


  • Potential Bill allowing Legislature to Intervene in Lawsuits Challenging its laws

Washington Priorities
  • HB1581 / SB 5766: Affirm WA Abortion Access Bill

    • Hearing in House Committee on Healthcare and Wellness on January 20th at 10:00 AM. Legal Voice provided written testimony. 

    • Executive Session scheduled for January 26th. Passed out of committee. 

    • In Rules.

    • Passed the House on February 11th (55-40)

    • Hearing in Senate Committee on Health and Long Term Care on February 21 at 1:00 PM. Legal Voice submitted written testimony. 

  • HB1809 / SB5688​: Keep Our Care Act (KOCA)

    • Hearing in Senate Committee on Law and Justice on January 19 at 10:30 AM. Legal Voice testified.​

    • Executive Session scheduled for January 27th.

    • Dead for the Session

  • SB5438: Extending Unemployment Insurance for Undocumented Immigrants​

    • Hearing in Senate Committee on Labor, Commerce, and Tribal affairs scheduled for February 2nd.

    • Dead for the Session.

  • SB 5881 Anti-Doxxing Bill: 

    •  Heading back to working group for revisions.

    • Dead for the Session

  • HB1956 / SB5859: Confidentiality Protections for People Incarcerated

    • Hearing in House Committee on State Government and Tribal Relations​ on January 24 at 10AM

    • Passed out of committee on January 27th.

    • Passed the House on February 9th (57-38)

    • Hearing in Senate Committee on State Government and Elections on February 18 at 10:30 AM 

  • HB1816 / SB5693: Budget Proviso for Working Group around Decriminalizing Sex Work

  • HB1816 / SB5693: Budget Proviso for Health Equity for Immigrants 

Stay tuned for updates as the session progresses!