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Holding Insurers that Refuse to Provide Required Health Coverage Accountable
Passed the Legislature!

This bill will impose an assessment on insurance carriers that, for any reason, opt out of providing any legally required benefit. The purpose of the assessment is to offset the unfair economic advantage to those carriers that opt out over carriers that provide all of the required coverage.

Background: The bill is modeled after one that Oregon passed in 2019. Through this legislative effort, we want to ensure that Providence does not expand non-covered services to other reproductive health care. The bill will need to address timely access issues so that consumers are alerted about coverage and alternative options.


Bill info: HB 2554 

Update 3/9/20: Passed Senate on 3/5/20 (28-21!)


Update 3/2/20: Referred to Senate Ways & Means Committee; executive action was taken on 2/28/20.


Update 2/18/20: In rules.  Hearing in the Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care on 2/21/20. Passed out of Committee on 2/24/20. 


  • Hearing in House Committee on Health Care & Wellness on 1/29/20; Kim Clark submitted written testimony.  Passed out of Committee on 2/5/20; Referred to Appropriations

  • Hearing in House Committee on Appropriations on 2/8/20; Legal Voice signed in pro. Passed out of Appropriations on 2/10/20.  House passed on 2/17/20 (59-39!) 


House passed on 2/17/20 (59-39!)

  • Hearing in Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care on 2/3/20;  Legal Voice signed in pro. 

  • Passed out of Committee on 2/5/20; Referred to Ways & Means.

  • Hearing in Senate Ways/Means on 2/10/20; Passed out of Ways & Means on 2/11/20.

Partners:  ACLU, NARAL, Planned Parenthood