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Support Legal Voice During GiveBIG WA and Idaho Gives

For more than 40 years, Legal Voice has been fighting for abortion rights and reproductive justice across the Northwest. We will not back down from the constant threat of denying people their fundamental right to abortion care. We work alongside other allies to bring lawsuits, collaborate with community groups and legislators, proposing stronger and more inclusive legislation.


The recent passage in Idaho of SB1309 would essentially eliminate abortion access after six weeks (before most folks know they are pregnant) and allows family members  to sue medical professionals for a minimum of $20,000 . This Texas-style legislation will have a huge impact on our Idaho communities and will have a disproportionate impact on marginalized communities  who already experience less access to resources and abortion care. 


At the same time, Washington State passed HB 1851, the Affirm Washington Abortion Act. This legislation updates the Reproductive Privacy Act to clarify that advanced practice clinicians can provide abortion care and updates the statutory language to make it gender neutral. 


With the rise in anti-abortion laws being passed in Idaho, Montana and across the country, and the potential gutting of Roe later this summer, Washington State took steps this session to prepare for an influx of patients from neighboring states. Lawmakers passed a bill that will bolster protections for abortion by challenging outdated “physician-only” provisions that unnecessarily burden pregnant people and health care providers. 


Borders, though very real when it comes to laws, create a stark difference between communities that share culture and resources. As a community we must take care of each other. We know that Washington State will take care of Idahoans and others who come seeking safe and legal abortion care.

This is why we invite you to donate to Legal Voice during GiveBIG WA and Idaho Gives. Click on the icons below to be redirected to our donation pages. 

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​We also invite you to take the following actions: 

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