Preserving & Expanding the Rights of Campus Sexual Assault Survivors

House Bill 1998 creates a joint legislative task force on Title IX protections and compliance. The task force will examine options, develop model policies, and recommend oversight on campus sexual violence at higher education institutions in Washington State.

Background: In 2017, the Trump Administration rescinded the Obama-era Title IX guidance, which had called for more aggressive enforcement of Title IX and the obligations of educational institutions in responding to campus sexual assault. The Trump Administration's proposed new rules sabotage the very purpose of Title IX and send a clear message that survivors should not be believed. The task force's report will be used to propose concrete protections next legislative session to ensure Washington colleges and universities appropriately handle sexual assault cases without perpetuating harmful rape myths.

Update as of 4/28/19: HB 1998 passed the House with a unanimous vote! However, the bill stalled out in the Senate and will not progress this session.

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