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Will you join us in celebrating Angie with a special gift today?


Verifying the validity of "famous" quotes on the internet can be a foolish game void of certainty. So much so that entire careers have been built on authenticating the potential insincerity, inconsistency, and boredom of an ecosystem of anonymous submissions. That’s how a conversation with one of the most dedicated Legal Voice supporters, Angie Corwin, began. A true-to-the-end soul taking a jab at probable disloyalties.   


The commitment Angie has shown to our organization and the world around her is undeniable. You can always trust that she will be there for you in your time of need, but she might be running little late because she’s been busy "being there" for someone prior. She’s tardy because she got caught up singing Hall + Oates at karaoke. Saying goodbyes at parties is never easy. Or maybe her cycling journey was a bit more adventurous than expected. And who's taken a hip-hop dance class that actually ended on time? It’s hard to keep time when you’re having too much fun.    


In Angie’s eyes, the future of feminism should include better sexual education and a greater focus on reproductive justice. Women should not feel like their bodies are being legislated. Feminism shouldn’t be seen as a zero-sum game. The marginalized should be given an opportunity to be heard.

Women should not feel like their bodies are being legislated. Feminism shouldn’t be seen as a zero-sum game. The marginalized should be given an opportunity to be heard.


On International Women’s Day, Angie enjoys and encourages the celebration of women. Women like her mother, Nancy, who taught her that only she can be an advocate for herself. Her sister, Rachel, who has always been a good role model and insists on Angie sticking up for what she believes in, while recommending she be a bit less of a steamroller. Carly Eyler, who she considers a fantastic person, auction co-conspirator, and soft-spoken contributor to the success of Legal Voice.   


It all began with a series of fortunate events that led to Angie being anchored on our volunteer email list. She went from attending volunteer nights, to asserting herself as a radiant fixture of our community, before becoming an integral piece of the event planning process for our organization’s annual auction.


Dozens of desserts sitting in succession. There are schemes of confectionary prioritization. All their best plans evaporating while "Chariots of Fire" blares in the mind’s eye.     


The Dessert Dash is Angie’s magnus opus. She’s a self-described desserts oriented person.


"I love being responsible for desserts and there’s a lot of responsibility," she waxes lyrical. "People take it very seriously. I want to supply people with the most delectable desserts possible. There’s a gravitas that comes with it, but I enjoy it."


She makes her own ice cream. She makes her own jam. Her favorite dessert to make right now is a devil's food cake with raspberry and Chambord filling and a dark chocolate ganache. Bet the house it’s as good as it sounds.


"A few years ago I tried eating only the desserts I made," she recalls. "The problem was that I then made a bunch of desserts at home and I was eating them nonstop. I don’t have a favorite, but I basically won’t say no to dessert. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself, especially if people are going to be offering me desserts after this interview.”


"The love you take is equal to the love you bake." – George Harrison

Or something like that.

• • •

This piece was based on an interview with Angie Corwin and written by Phil Bouie. MORE STORIES

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